PSY PRACTIC – a 6 year-old educational project that has been helping psychologists to continuously develop, whilst adopting the knowledge and experience from leading world experts in the field of psychology.

During our existence we have created:

Over 50000 users have participated in our educational programmes

More than 300 webinars

Over 70 online courses

If there were only three words to describe us, they would be:




We have collaborated with Janae Weinhold, Peter Philippson, Gianni Francesetti, Jan Rubal, Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Ruella Frank and many other specialists and recognized experts in the field of psychology and psychotherapy.

We bring together thousands of psychologists around the world, create a supportive professional environment and accommodating conditions for learning and sharing experiences and knowledge. We have a big team and we thrive on psychology. We are here to develop this science and make it accessible to everyone.

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Psychological Work with Anxiety in Existential Therapy

Online advanced training course by Аlfried Laengle

Psychotherapy of Loss: Perinatal Loss, Death of Relatives, and Other Crises

Practical training course by Anna Ritter

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